Axis Studios Enhances Scalability and Streamlines HR Processes with Crossbridge’s Staff Augmentation Solutions

Axis Studios, an acclaimed digital creative agency, has been at the forefront of designing and developing cutting-edge cross-media solutions for over 15 years. Recognized for their unwavering dedication to delivering exceptional outcomes for their clients, Axis Studios encountered a significant hurdle in effectively overseeing their development team’s HR and payroll operations. In pursuit of pioneering remedies, they sought the expertise of Crossbridge, a trusted partner, renowned for its provision of highly efficient staff augmentation services.

This case study highlights how Axis Studios overcame their HR and payroll hurdles with Crossbridge, enabling them to focus on their core competencies and achieve remarkable growth.


The challenge

Axis Studios encountered difficulties in sourcing talent for their development team and managing the HR and payroll aspects of their workforce. They realized that to maintain their timelines and ensure seamless operations, they needed expert support. The challenge was to find a partner capable of handling the complex HR processes involved in hiring tech talent and efficiently managing their payroll.


The solution

We offered Axis Studios the ideal solution to address their unique needs. Leveraging the Cost+ model, Crossbridge provided Axis Studios with comprehensive support in HR and payroll processes. This allowed Axis Studios to focus on their core competencies and creative endeavors while Crossbridge managed the administrative aspects of their workforce.

Positive transformation and improved scalability

Working closely with Crossbridge, Axis Studios experienced a significant transformation in their hiring and staffing processes. The collaboration not only enhanced their ability to scale quickly but also alleviated the burden of vetting applicants. Crossbridge’s expertise in managing HR processes and payroll enabled Axis Studios to streamline their operations and optimize productivity.


Collaborative Problem Solving

One of the most compelling aspects of working with Crossbridge for Axis Studios was the strong partnership built on trust, collaboration, and adaptability. Crossbridge actively listened to Axis Studios’ requirements, offering tailored solutions that aligned with their specific needs. By maintaining open lines of communication, Crossbridge, and Axis Studios were able to solve challenges together, ensuring a seamless integration of the staff augmentation model into Axis Studios’ operations.



“We have worked with Crossbridge for several years now, and they have positively transformed our hiring and staffing process. They have improved our ability to scale quickly and have effectively shared the weight of vetting applicants. The best thing about them is their willingness to work with us, adapt, and solve issues together. We could not be as effective as we are without Crossbridge.”

Through their partnership with Crossbridge, Axis Studios successfully overcame their HR and payroll challenges, enabling them to focus on their core strengths and achieve remarkable growth. Crossbridge’s Staffing and Cost+ models provided Axis Studios with tailored support, streamlining their HR processes and ensuring efficient management of their workforce. With a collaborative approach and a commitment to problem-solving, Crossbridge, and Axis Studios forged a strong partnership that continues to drive success.

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“They have improved our ability to scale quickly and have effectively shared the weight of vetting applicants.”