We recognize the need for greater access to technology resources and have dedicated ourselves to enabling access to reliable talent in your time zone at a fraction of the time and cost.

Meet Crossbridge

The Success Team


Brent Slezak


Meliza Slezak


Justin Lopez

VP of People and Culture

Luis Peralta


1. Respect

We respect each other's
beliefs and time.

2. Opportunity

We build opportunities for our people and develop opportunities for our clients.

3. Flexibility

We are willing to align with our clients and with our team. Always seeking to have Work Life balance, we offer options on how you want to work.

4. Care

We genuinely care for
those in our care. All the aspects of our lives matter: financially, emotionally, spiritually, and physically.

5. Integrity and Authenticity

We truly believe integrity is more important than results. We are totally transparent about the way we operate, because, even when we don't need to tell everyone everything, we never hide anything.

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