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Providing recruitment assistance to North American companies since 2014. We simplify the process of hiring in Latin America by quickly and efficiently sourcing high-quality IT technicians and programmers to support our clients' hiring objectives.

Why Crossbridge?


Fast Hiring

Hire world-class IT technicians and programmers in less than 5 days.



Our team has a decade of experience helping companies find the best talent for their teams.


Turnkey service

We take care of sourcing, hiring, payroll, and benefits at no extra charge.


The highest retention rate in the industry

Helping you deliver your project on time and on budget.


Same Time Zone

Our collaborators are responsive in real time. Allowing seamless integration into your team and optimized communication.


Risk free

Get one week risk-free for every hire.

Why Latin America?

More than ever, companies are sourcing individuals with a high degree of confidence and knowledge. Crossbridge understands this and deploys collaborators quickly, in your time zone and at very competitive prices with exceptional retention rates.

Access to a Wide Range of Talent

IT experts are hard to find, hard to recruit, and hard to retain. This forces companies to compete with other employers in a very difficult market. Latam is home to a large population of skilled and talented individuals who are looking for opportunities to grow in their careers. This means that businesses have access to a wide range of potential candidates from the region.

Areas of


Whether you need additional support for networking, cybersecurity or database management, you name it, we find it.

Cloud & DevOps Engineering

BI & Data Management

Infrastructure Management

Artificial Intelligence

Product Management

Tech Support


Real people, empowered by AI

Crossbridge focuses on building relationships rather than relying solely on AI, aiming to enhance client services and support growth locally and globally. Clients can expect dedicated support and a commitment to excellence from the team. That is why collaborators at Crossbridge are highly skilled in utilizing cutting-edge technologies like AI coding tools to provide top-notch services while maintaining a human touch. By leveraging tools like Copilot for GitHub, ChatGPT and others we can ensure you are getting the best outcomes at the best value.

Pierre Kerbage, Chief Revenue Officer



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