There’s A Deep Pool Of Software Development Talent In Mexico!_mauro-mora-31-pOduwZGE-unsplash

There’s a deep pool of software development talent in Mexico!

Many Software Development companies are shifting their outsourcing to local countries such as Mexico as opposed to traditional sources of talent such as Asia. In light of this, it’s wise to examine what our neighbor to the south has to offer with regards to devops talent. Mexico has recently invested billions in Public Education & Infrastructure, and Mexican universities account for some of the top universities internationally. Consequently, they have produced a significant amount of talent in the technology sector. According to 2018 data by Stack Overflow, there are 223,398 software developers in Mexico, second-most of any Latin-American country behind Brazil. This large number means that there is a large pool of qualified and talented candidates. As companies move away from traditional outsourcing and start to look at the advantages of nearshoring, the quality of the talent pool in Mexico cannot and should not be overlooked.