Remote Work Is Here To Stay_yasmina-h-p8DjPfqEhW0-unsplash

Remote work is here to stay

Recent research shows that the majority of managers say that working remotely has surpassed their expectations. Remote work is here to stay for several reasons: lower overhead costs, higher productivity, competition to retain top talent, and many more. This seemingly permanent shift to remote work in many industries is causing companies to re-evaluate their business strategies. Policies that were once out of the question are now being revisited.

Take offshoring, for example. With so much tech work being done remotely these days, software companies are more open to the idea of developers and engineers working off-site. This is where nearshoring comes in. The cost-effectiveness of offshoring without the financial and physical hassle of your team being on the other side of the planet, that is what makes nearshoring so attractive!

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