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Less Expensive vs. Cost Effective

If you’ve ever remodeled your house, made a large repair on your car, or planned an elaborate vacation, you probably understand the difference between less expensive and cost effective. You may not want to buy those cheaper tires knowing that you’ll have to replace them much sooner and you’ll get lower gas mileage. 

For decades, offshoring has been trending as a cost effective strategy in the software industry. But is it truly cost effective? Nearshoring has proven to be more cost effective than traditional offshoring or even onshoring. When you consider time zone differences, turnover rate, holiday schedule, workplace culture, and geographic proximity, you begin to get an idea of the cost effectiveness of nearshoring. 

But cost effectiveness must also include high quality. Fortunately, Mexico has made a conscious effort to infuse and support the growth of tech industries within its borders and become a breeding ground for software engineers and software developers.

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