Cultural Compatibility In The Workplace And Why It’s Important._vladislav-klapin-YeO44yVTl20-unsplash

Cultural compatibility in the workplace and why it’s important.

With regards to nearshoring, one advantage that Mexico has over other Latin American countries is that it shares a border with the U.S. Why is this relevant? Well, Mexicans generally have a good working knowledge of U.S. culture, especially workplace culture.

This notable benefit should not be trivialized. Cultural compatibility directly leads to good communication and smooth interactions, which are essential to any successful business. Close proximity and the high frequency of travel between the two countries by their respective citizens means that there is a level of understanding between the two cultures that separates Mexico from the rest of Latin America. Additionally, according to the World Bank, Mexico was ranked as having a good “ease of business” score in 2018.

These benefits, as much as any, are significant reasons that so many companies are looking to outsource software to Mexico. As you look for the ideal software outsourcing destination for your company, Mexico should definitely be on your list!