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Covid the Catalyst

The story is told of a man who had always planned on getting to work on that project in the backyard, but he just never had the time because of his busy schedule. Covid changed that, and he was able to use the extra time he had to finally get to work on and finish the project. It probably would have gotten done anyway, but Covid sped up the process. He even had time to make some wonderful additions to the finished product.

We are hearing a lot of tech companies say that they have always thought about the idea of nearshoring, they just never got around to it because they were content in the position they were in and didn’t have the resources to consider making any changes. Covid has changed that with tighter budgets and remote work being so prevalent. There is now ample incentive to investigate new strategies such as nearshoring, and some organizations are saying that they will never go back to their old strategy. Nearshoring helps with overhead costs while avoiding the complications that can arise from traditional offshoring.

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