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Be The Hero

Managers have a multi-faceted job that requires a variety of skills, not the least of which is creativity. One of the jobs of a manager is to bring new ideas to the table so that his or her superiors can decide whether or not to implement them. It can be tricky, and even intimidating, trying to convince your superiors that your idea could be good for the company. But there are some things you can do to help your boss understand why your idea can take the company to the next level.

Explain the Benefits

As clearly as you can, communicate how your idea benefits the company. Use charts & graphs if needed. If there is no benefit, your boss won’t have an interest in implementing your idea. Be articulate and do your research. Bad communicating can kill an idea.


Show Your Passion

Showing a passion for your idea will help your superiors get excited about it also. It’s hard to get excited about an idea when it’s being pitched in a robotic, monotone presentation. This is your opportunity to be a coach to your boss, helping him or her to see something that might not be immediately apparent. 


A Bad Idea Might Not Be Bad

Don’t withhold an idea just because you think it will be perceived as a bad one. Some of the best outcomes have started with seemingly bad ideas. The first guy to suggest moving from print newspaper to online newspaper started a global and lucrative movement, but this might not have sounded like the best idea in the early 90’s.


In the IT/software industry, many ideas come and go. As a manager, don’t let the idea of nearshoring slip through your bosses fingers. Show them the benefits of outsourcing to a relatively local region without the headaches of offshoring to the other side of the globe. Be the hero that takes your company to the next level.

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