7 Top Technology Trends for 2019

Welcome to the first blog from our new website, we appreciate your visit. In this blog we will talk about the 7 Top Technology Trends we are expecting for 2019. Are you ready? Let’s first talk about how fast technology is growing and changing, sometimes it’s even hard to keep track of all the technological advances it makes because you were trying to figure out how the past technology trends worked. But don’t worry, you’ll get better and soon you will be updated with all these unexpected new changes. 1. Robotic Process Automation RPA, is another technology that is automating jobs. RPA is the use of software to automate business processes such as interpreting applications, processing transactions, dealing with data, and even replying to emails. RPA automates repetitive tasks that people used to do. 2. Cyber security You might think this is not something new, it has been around since a while but it has been evolving as other technologies are. hackers are trying to illegally access data are not going to give up any time soon, and they will continue to find ways to get through even the toughest security measures. It’s also in part because new technology is being adapted to enhance security. 3. Artificial Intelligence As you may know, Artificial Intelligence has already received a lot of buzz in previous years, and it continues to be a trend to keep an eye on it because its effects on how we live, work and play are only in the early stages. AI refers to computers systems built to simulate human intelligence and perform tasks such as recognition of images, speech or patterns and decision making. AI can do these tasks faster and more accurately than humans. 4. Virtual Reality and augmented reality Virtual Reality (VR) immerses the user in an environment while Augment Reality (AR) enhances their environment. Although VR has primarily been used for gaming thus far, it has also been used for training. 5. Internet of things The internet of thing is the future, many “things” are now being built with WiFi connectivity, meaning they can be connected to the Internet—and to each other.  businesses also have much to gain now and in the near future. The IoT can enable better safety, efficiency and decision making for businesses as data is collected and analyzed. It can enable predictive maintenance, speed up medical care, improve customer service, and offer benefits we haven’t even imagined yet. 6. Machine learning With Machine Learning, computers are programmed to learn to do something they are not programmed to do: They literally learn by discovering patterns and insights from data. In general, we have two types of learning, supervised and unsupervised. 7. Edge computing The adoption of cloud computing is still growing, as more and more businesses migrate to a cloud solution. But it’s no longer the emerging technology. Edge is. Move over, cloud computing, and make way for the edge.