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Mitigating competitiveness risks for Franchise Command.

Executive Summary

Franchise Command’s partnership with Crossbridge goes back 7 years, and what started as an idea became an industry leader in franchise operations management software.

Thanks to Crossbridge’s expertise and wide talent pool of the best tech talent out of Latin America, Franchise Command found the premier programmers to build a robust, integrative software platform that empowers businesses to seamlessly steer their franchised operations, offering modules for leases, vendors, employees, marketing, finances, inventory, and more.

However, in our ever-evolving technological landscape, software must adapt to remain competitive and innovative.

The Challenge: Modernize by transitioning from Angular 8 to Angular 15 or risk obsolescence.

Falling behind with updates can hurt security, performance, and maintainability for both end users and software developers. To guarantee a smooth user experience and secure software development, it is crucial to stay up to date with the latest versions.

The solution? Harnessing the strategic advantage of nearshore talent once more to upgrade their Angular framework, significantly enhancing security, performance, and competitiveness in a demanding market.

Partnering with Crossbridge has allowed Franchise Command to build a high-performing team with the right skill sets to deliver a precise Angular upgrade.

This approach aligned with the need for:

  • Swift adaptability to change.
  • Direct overlap in working hours facilitating real-time collaboration.
  • A notable cost efficiency compared to local resources.

Compelling Results

The team built with the best tech talent from Latin America, achieved:

  • 60% File Size Reduction: This leaner application translates to snappier load times and less storage bloat.
  • Enhanced Browser Compatibility: Improved cross-platform usability, notably on iOS, provided customers with unfettered access regardless of their device choice.

The Client’s Voice

“The agility of the Crossbridge team to execute a full 7-version leap with Angular was quite impressive! Migrating from 8 to 15 displayed not just proficiency, but mastery in modern technologies.” – John Simons, CEO and founder of Franchise Command.



By leveraging the expertise of Crossbridge in recruiting the brightest minds in Latin America, Franchise Command not only conquered their Angular upgrade with finesse but also positioned themselves as frontrunners in providing a polished franchise operations management platform. This strategic move underscores their commitment to excellence, emphasizing swift, secure, and smart business solutions.

Embrace the benefits of nearshore staffing.

Franchise Command did. Will you?

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