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What happens when the talent pool deepens?

A local high school of about 2,000 students always did well in numerous competitions: football, baseball, basketball, even in academic & debate competitions. Although they usually matched up well with the other schools in the area, there was a perpetual thorn in their side in the form of another school that was consistently rolling over the competition. Why was this school so dominant? Because they had twice the number of students, and therefore, had a deeper pool of talent.

While there is an extensive amount of software talent in the United States, there is also intense competition for that talent. And while the number of US software developers in 2019 was estimated at 4.2 million, the international talent pool is known to be exponentially larger. Some companies balk at recruiting offshore talent from other continents because it can present potential complications pertaining to the bottom line. However, the use of nearshore talent mitigates or even eliminates these complications, thereby protecting not just the bottom line, but also an organization’s efficiency & competitiveness.
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