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Top 5 trends leading digital transformation in 2022

When the pandemic forced the global closure of offices, business leaders were understandably nervous. What followed changed the meaning of what we knew as the ‘workplace’, completely & permanently transforming employees’ expectations of their digital experiences at work.

Using automation initiatives to create better-connected employee experiences

The future of work will come in many shapes and forms. McKinsey estimates that more than 20% of the global workforce could work remotely, most of the time without any impact on productivity. To achieve this transition, organizations need to accelerate their digital transformation. This is not just about driving employee productivity, but also retaining talent.

Making data and integration accessible to business users to increase productivity, deliver connected experiences, and drive innovation

Organizations will need to think carefully about how they drive enhanced agility, which will lead to a new era of event‐driven architectures and composable businesses in 2022.

Adopting Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in some form

​​With hyper-automation, organizations can drive efficiencies, improve productivity, and reduce costs in everything via the reuse of processes and the deployment of multiple, integrated technology capabilities — such as low‐code platforms, machine learning, and robotic process automation. 

Security-by-default is a must‐have, but you already knew this

Security concerns have always been an obstacle to digital initiatives. Examples of secure-by-default platforms include those that do not allow users to create weak passwords or those that automatically conform to best practices of OAuth-based authentication. According to Forrester, 21% of security decision‐makers plan to prioritize building security into development processes.

Data‐driven business

It is all about using the insights derived from AI‐powered analytics to transform business processes. According to Accenture, true data‐driven organizations experience annual growth of over 30%. It is all about managing data from start to finish, from ingestion and integration, right down to the analysis and decisions it drives. This comprehensive strategy will be the key to unlocking business data and empowering all users to add value to the organization.

As business leaders, we have encountered new challenges and opportunities, such as hyper-automation, hybrid experiences, distributed environments, and an explosion of data. The transformation and digital acceleration defined by the past couple of years are resoundingly here to stay. Therefore we all agree that the ability to create seamless digital experiences for both employees and customers is key to the success of modern organizations.

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