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Strategy Matters

Chipotle is one of the most successful Mexican restaurant chains in the world. So successful is Chipotle that they have bounced back from a food contamination outbreak to reclaim their spot near the top of the fast food industry. Does anyone even remember that outbreak anymore?

There are many reasons for this comeback such as better food safety measures and strong marketing. But one reason for the comeback that doesn’t get a lot of attention is their decision to move their headquarters from Colorado to California. Chipotle did this in order to shift the culture of the company and bring them closer to their competitors, many of whom are headquartered on the west coast. This seemingly insignificant strategy has often proven to be beneficial in producing quality products and improving the bottom line (think Detroit and Silicon Valley).

Likewise, the traditional strategy of offshoring software talent to Asia has been giving way to nearshoring to countries such as Mexico. The talent pool in Mexico is large and deep as the universities and software companies of Mexico are producing high-level, experienced developers and engineers. Having a team in the same time zone as the company headquarters can bring a company to the next level.

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