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Connecting Talent with Opportunity

About Crossbridge

Crossbridge exists to connect extraordinary talent with opportunity. Cultivating an atmosphere of community, creativity and productivity to bring value to our clients.

Reduce Costs

Nearshore outsourcing has become the best option to get top talent at the best price

Solution Focused

Outsourcing through Mexico is a permanent solution built on the foundations of higher technical knowledge and English proficiency

Stay Connected

Cultural affinity, proximity and time zone take center stage in the list of reasons to outsource to Mexico

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Our Distinctives


From Resume to Starting Day

Crossbridge is resetting the bar when it comes to outsourcing the right talent for the right company. Our staff assesses the technical knowledge, experience and English skills of each candidate. The pre-recorded interview and assessment results are sent to you for evaluation prior to any decision making.

​As a managed service provider, Crossbridge assigns dedicated US-based account management, providing each of our client’s a customized high-touch, results oriented, value-add, quality of service.


We Work When You Work

Offshoring has proven to provide more challenges than solutions – time zone, quality and lack of follow-through. And as the demand grows larger in the U.S., the supply of great talent onshore is diminishing.

Crossbridge was created so that small and large businesses alike can rely on an outsourced provider to consistently deliver successful outcomes. We have directly acquired highly trained, creative and experienced personnel in the U.S. and Mexico. Our time zone, culture and experience along with the effective cost makes Crossbridge the best nearshore option for U.S. companies.


Your Success is Our Success

Our clients put it best when they say that we care as much about their success as they do their own. We believe integrity is a key component to any partnership we form.

Areas of Expertise

Crossbridge provides solution-based staffing for our clients


UX / Design / Creative

Angular, React, Photoshop, Illustrator, Product Prototypes, UI, User Centered Design


Native (iOS & Android), Hybrid, Ionic

Backend Development

C#, .NET Framework, .NET Core, Java, Spring, Hibernate, Python, Ruby, PHP


Gradle, Git, Bamboo, Jenkins, Docker, Kubernetes, Puppet

Data Platforms

Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server, Postgres, Azure, Mongo DB


QA / Testing Automation

Manual, Penetration Testing, Defects Statistics and Status, Defect Management, Jira



Project Management, Executive, Technical Leadership, Agile Sprints

Sales / Marketing

SEO, SEM, Web Positioning, Social Media, Facebook and Google Ads

AI / ML / Automation

Python, Blue Prism, RPA, BPA, BPM, Amazon SageMaker


Server / Networking

Cloud Computing, AWS, Azure, Windows, Linux, Load Balancers



Software-Defined Perimeters, Network Traffic Analysis, Managed Detection and Response, Cloud Workload Protection Platforms


Customer Success

Phone, Email, Chat Support, Copywriter, Help Desk

Want to see if we can staff for your team’s needs?

Nearshore Outsourcing


Crossbridge uses a nearshore outsourcing business model to bring you the high-quality talent you need, at a lower overhead. We are dedicated to supporting your business ventures by providing you with a team of experts.

Ideal Team

You specify your needs and we provide the top, English speaking, culturally-aligned talent out of Mexico Our U.S. based account management team is focused on providing the best care for each client

Ideal Time

Get access to multiple pre-qualified candidates within 5 -10 business days 


Hand select the candidates you want to personally interview on your schedule

Ideal Cost

Average of 56% total savings compared to onshore teams in most U.S. cities


We handle HR and Payroll

Ideal Location

Real-time collaboration and communication with CST time zone   


Same day round-trip visits are possible with 2-4 hour average flights from most U.S. cities


What is Nearshore Outsourcing?

Nearshore outsourcing is the process of transferring a business operation to a nearby country and matching with talent in similar time zones, which makes communication simplified


Nearshore outsourcing is the fastest growing method in which many start-ups, mid-sized businesses and enterprises are choosing to augment their IT development needs


Crossbridge is here to collaborate and fill all of your outsourcing needs to scale your teams

What type of organization does Crossbridge partner with?

When it comes to the size of the organizations we work with – start-ups, mid-size and enterprises are all within our client base


We believe in vetting our clients since we know that great talent desires to work with great organizations


We help facilitate the best matches for long term success

Is talent the same in Mexico as in the USA?

Mexico is one of the top producers of engineers in the world


We don’t just hire talented people, we hire the best talent in the top-producing markets


Culturally, Mexico is very similar to the U.S. which allows for seamless transitions when considering augmenting your team with nearshore talent

What’s the Crossbridge hiring process?

Each candidate must first complete a series of tests administered before the in-person interview


We host a recorded live interview of multiple candidates and send this to our clients for review


The last step is organizing a scheduled interview with the candidate and the client to hand select the best possible candidate to add to their team

Team Spotlight

What some of our team have to say about us
  • Javier Vargas

    Working in collaboration with Crossbridge (CB) and Chrome River (CR) has been an experience that has allowed me to grow professionally in environments that I had not expected.
    Collaborating with CB and CR has enriched my expectations and obtains enriching knowledge from various angles (e.g., analytical, technical).
    I’ve met several persons that I found as friends and family.
    I’m glad to work in collaboration with both companies.

  • Jesús Almazán

    Working at Crossbridge has been not only a pleasing work experience overall, but also a great opportunity to grow both personally and professionally. The support Crossbridge has provided makes me exploit my full potential.

  • Oscar Palma

    Working for Cross Bridge- Chrome River has been a true blessing for me and my family.
    After going to a hardship of not having a job for 9 months I was able to cross my path with an opening for this amazing project. I was like a blessing from heaven because it came right before my birthday and I applied for it in the day of my birthday I had the interview with Matt.
    These last almost 4 years have been amazing full of great experiences and also full of Joy.
    I have come to a place where I don’t work with team mates or coworkers but income tons place where I work with friends band family. All I can say I that this job is amazing and I can’t picture my self working elsewhere

  • Francisco Delgado

    Working for Crossbridge has been a rewarding experience since it has given me the opportunity to be in charge of very interesting development initiatives.
    The company also allow us to acquire new skills through sponsored-learning courses so we can provide value to our customers and leaving our mark in a highley competitive world.
    The client I work for is on the healthcare industry and is open to hear new ideas and implement them with cutting-edge technologies so the end users are seeing the benefits of our effort, and is great to know that a product you are building is helping to improve the lives of many people.

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