Adapt or die

Beginning last Spring, companies have had to adapt their business systems and processes in unprecedented ways. Remote work has become the new normal for many workers, and software development is no exception. According to forbes.com, “software development is supposed to be a highly adaptive and agile process. But the pandemic

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The Cost Of Stagnation

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” There is a long & familiar list of companies that have subscribed to this philosophy to the point of entrepreneurial suicide. It includes familiar names such as Blockbuster, Nokia, Kodak, and many more. A quick study of their ultimate demise reveals what can

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How important is face time?

Face-to-face time is essential in any relationship, whether it’s personal or business. Studies show that regular face-to-face meetings with software development teams help mitigate unexpected management costs that are directly related to project confusion and/or miscommunication. Sufficient facetime may not guarantee perfection, but it does lower the likelihood of setbacks

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Is conventional wisdom the best wisdom?

Neal Aronson, founder of Roark Capital, was recently quoted by Forbes as saying “Always do what’s right and long-term smart, regardless of conventional wisdom.” Very insightful words from a man who helped his firm grow to acquire 16 restaurant brands including CKE and Arby’s.  For years, traditional outsourcing to Asia

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