There’s A Deep Pool Of Software Development Talent In Mexico!_mauro-mora-31-pOduwZGE-unsplash

There’s a deep pool of software development talent in Mexico!

Many Software Development companies are shifting their outsourcing to local countries such as Mexico as opposed to traditional sources of talent such as Asia. In light of this, it’s wise to examine what our neighbor to the south has to offer with regards to devops talent. Mexico has recently invested billions in Public Education & Infrastructure, and Mexican universities account for some of the top universities internationally. Consequently, they have produced a significant amount of talent in the technology sector. According to 2018 data by Stack Overflow, there are 223,398 software developers in Mexico, second-most of any Latin-American country behind Brazil. This large number means that there is a large pool of qualified and talented candidates. As companies move away from traditional outsourcing and start to look at the advantages of nearshoring, the quality of the talent pool in Mexico cannot and should not be overlooked.

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Is conventional wisdom the best wisdom?

Neal Aronson, founder of Roark Capital, was recently quoted by Forbes as saying “Always do what’s right and long-term smart, regardless of conventional wisdom.” Very insightful words from a man who helped his firm grow to acquire 16 restaurant brands including CKE and Arby’s. 

For years, traditional outsourcing to Asia has been the “conventional wisdom” that a multitude of companies have adhered to. However, it is in an organization’s best interest to be open to the possibility that the systems and tools that may have worked well in the past might not be the best way to do things going forward. According to an article in, in recent years, nearshoring has been a growing practice for many companies looking to outsource their software development to a location that reduces costs while eliminating logistical issues that can sometimes minimize or even eliminate cost savings. It behooves any organization to find out if nearshoring is the “right and long-term smart” strategy for their future.

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The Benefits of Nearshoring

Offshoring comes with several challenges that prevent can companies from achieving their full potential. Nearshoring offers unique benefits that can help a company overcome barriers and eliminate unnecessary demands.

Forbes Article

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America’s Unfilled Tech Jobs

It’s no question that a large majority of tech jobs go unfilled in the United States. Market research done by Gartner states that in the past three months, U.S. employers had about 918,000 unfilled IT jobs. This undoubtedly results in the loss of productivity and revenue, putting business growth at a screeching halt.

As a result, organizations are quickly recognizing the reliability of nearshoring new IT team members. These developers come with an experienced, widely ranging tech stack, guaranteed to deliver results.

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Overwhelming Evidence Suggests, Working From Home is Here to Stay

As shown in a recent Forbes article, over half of Americans would prefer to work from home for the rest of their careers. Most companies are rethinking their in-person work model, deciding that they can be just as efficient, if not more efficient than if they were in the office.

This shift in workplace culture completely opens the door to organizations looking to hire fully remote teams and team members. The best place to start with this transition is by augmenting your development teams.

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Don’t Offshore, Nearshore.

According to Statista, 64% of companies utilize offshore outsourced development teams. The large majority of those developers are from countries that have no time zone similarities, are culturally distant, and leave the organization with a surplus of maintenance issues.

When nearshoring your development team, these problems disappear. Organizations that adopt nearshoring get ahead of the curve, cutting costs while still maintaining the highest standard for development team members.

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Mexico’s Growing Electronic Commerce Industry

Forbes México predicts that COVID will speed up Mexico’s full adoption of electronic commerce to two years. This means that in just two years time, Mexico’s e-commerce industry will be just as robust as that of the United States’s. With this rapid growth, universities across the country are expanding as the rate of increase in STEM students this year is over 50%.

Mexico’s rapidly growing pool of technology talent has been characterized as the most intellectually proficient and professional group of developers and engineers in North America, even having a higher literacy rate than the United States!

US companies are quickly realizing that adding Mexican team members is a permanent solution. If you or your organization is in need of senior-level developers or engineers, Crossbridge can help.

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Team Synergy with Nearshore Augmentation

It’s evident that one of the largest challenges with hiring is finding candidates that fit your company culture. Organizations that choose to outsource overseas find themselves unsatisfied as the differences in company and employee culture bash, amplifying minute issues into large-scale problems.

Thankfully, there is a way for US organizations to get culturally parallel, senior-level, and cost-effective technology talent- and it’s through Nearshore outsourcing to Mexico and Latin America.

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